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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Off the grid.. Hiking-Camping-Island hopping. 05/17/14 #Zambales

It's sorta last minute, but I'm glad I decided to join.. It's been 4 years since my HS friends and I went out on a legit out-of-town trip. I decided to resign from work and what best way to start my new life (FUNemployment) than an off the grid trip with friends. Anawangin Cove had no electricity and cell reception what so ever, making it a perfect getaway.

It was the hardest yet fulfilling adventure I ever went on, its the first time I trekked a mountain and it was breathtaking, literally. Every step I made felt like my last, at first I was excited ofcourse but then my current unhealthy lifestyle made me realize I'm not quite "fit" and physically healthy than I thought I was. It made me realize that we need to take care of our body more than sustenance.

Being with people I've known my whole life made me look back and appreciate that despite time and how far we've grown from the people we once was in highschool, our friendship remained constant.. and that will always be something we can cherish for life. 

#Summer #Highschool #Reality #YOLO


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