I'll run away with your footsteps, I'll build a city that dreams for two And if you lose yourself I will find you..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Off the grid.. Hiking-Camping-Island hopping. 05/17/14 #Zambales

It's sorta last minute, but I'm glad I decided to join.. It's been 4 years since my HS friends and I went out on a legit out-of-town trip. I decided to resign from work and what best way to start my new life (FUNemployment) than an off the grid trip with friends. Anawangin Cove had no electricity and cell reception what so ever, making it a perfect getaway.

It was the hardest yet fulfilling adventure I ever went on, its the first time I trekked a mountain and it was breathtaking, literally. Every step I made felt like my last, at first I was excited ofcourse but then my current unhealthy lifestyle made me realize I'm not quite "fit" and physically healthy than I thought I was. It made me realize that we need to take care of our body more than sustenance.

Being with people I've known my whole life made me look back and appreciate that despite time and how far we've grown from the people we once was in highschool, our friendship remained constant.. and that will always be something we can cherish for life. 

#Summer #Highschool #Reality #YOLO

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Im back.. Geez its been only what my 2nd post for this year and the last is what, 8months ago? so where to begin.. I pretty much skipped out on a lot of stuff, my on the job training experience at davao pearl farm, my one night valentine, struggling through summer with finances that got sidetracked to a romance and to now.. shuffling school work, my social life, a best friend debacle with every damn drama that hits this emo kid.

I guess it will be a btch to re account all the stuff that Ive been through so far this year and since I rarely get to write anymore, Ive decided to continue this blog more as a diary-ish, spatting out my random thoughts and emotionality kindof blog. As aforementioned, I want to come back. you know, I wanna revert back to my old expressive linguist/artist kid that I used to be.. share my life and maybe hear more about kids that going through the same thing.

So I guess, I'll be around more often. 

btw, Im currently reviewing for my final thesis defence which is 5 hours from now. wish me luck. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Surreal New Year..

Wow.. A year. 2011 has been one of the most if not eventful, the most emotional one. This year I've discovered sides of me I never knew existed. That I made myself vulnerable, codependent, yet somehow mocked and isolated because of it. This year, I lost my way with words.. That ability to express myself through writing, even lost my journal. This year, I took advantage of (to my own surprise) my good looks and charm, so to speak.. to the point I cant even befriend a decent girl without the pretense that Im just a player, thanks to circulating rumors throughout campus. This year, I thought I had a bestfriend.. you know, that person Im open to and fully trusted. Only to realize it was just by some illusion from an awesome summer. I've been a martyr, a loner, suicidal, streetkid, joker, playboy, and what totals to a very long year of self discovery and immersion. I learned how to love and from a brief period, be loved.

This new year brings another chance to prove myself, be who I wanna be and make a change if not to my own but to another kid's life somehow. Lead by experience and no longer be a lost puppy that follows others around without cause. Continue to trust that pal I still value without losing myself. Oh and yeah, for the 2nd time.. I spent the newyear on our rooftop.. it was magical, surrounded by fireworks all over town. alone on that roof caring about nothing else and and feels like Im on the music vid of k.perry's firework.. yeah It sounds stupid, me singing out loud under fireworks but you gotta admit its kinda cool.